Julia Art

Julia Art is a Russian gothic/lowbrow and an exceptional well-rounded digital artist with almost a decade of experience under her belt.
Her unique style and brilliant mind sets her apart from many in the dark art realm.
But, it is her humility that should be admired over all and has been such an honor to work with such a humble human being.
Julia has worked on so many different pieces and has completed multiple commissions before allowing Ordyh to represent her, her brand and her masterpieces.
Since 2019, we have had the pleasure of turning her works into wearable canvases and bring to the all of you as her own line and are not even close to being done.
I have told her many times that for me, she is royalty inside the dark transmission world and I am elated to have her as part of the Ordyh family.
We are extremely proud to present to you Julia Art's exclusive collection only available here at Ordyh.com

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