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Mother of nuclear age Horror, Shirley Jackson wrote a spellbinding journey into what gave them nightmares in 1959, giving a glimpse of how scarily fragile the human psyche really is and some might say, an insight in what a women's suffering was like in a patriarchal society. Then, in 1963 the release to the Silver Screen was a delight for our grandparents giving thrills, chills, and a place to make out. Not exactly Vincent Price, but the "Haunting" directed by  was still a gem for "The Golden Girls". In 1999 and before the time of straight-to-dvd,  Jan de Bont ended up "Takenan expensive polished turd and dumped it into multiplexes near you, with the same name that belongs securely place in the bottom of this "Wedding Crasher's" toilet bowl and "Entrapment" is a good way to describe the way it should stay.


This brings us to 2018, based beyond the simple comprehension of loosely is an apple felt miles from its predecessors tree. Mike Flanagan's Netflix Original Series "The Haunting of Hill House" brings us to the very edges of sanity as it takes the lead in a cosmic waltz through space and time in a horrific tragedy weaving past with past to present to future and back around again full circle. We are not here now to beat the already dead kittens of characterization of grief stages or rap the relatable mental illness drum, but to dive into what we could possibly learn from this dysfunctional moral fable. Shall we revisit the five siblings shortcomings as adults to break our own self-destruction? 


From the beginning, the oldest son Steve stands firmly in non-belief with knowledge of multiple religions and trusting that there is more than just Horatio's philosophy. Steve is the most hated, so I've heard, Not because he tends to be in overbearing prickface that only needed to be told keep his eyes closed no matter what he hears as a scared boy to keep mind and them peepers closed for 26 years. Then, went on to write a fictional novel about the crazy that is his family. Unmasking a small fortune and jump starting his career as a famous horror author. The question is, at what cost? We hate Steve Because deep down we are all Steves, only keeping our eyes open long enough to see what we want and latching onto disbelief of anything that may scare us.


Don't be afraid to open your eyes for free or you may pay a heavy price that will never be worth the cost.



So who hates the second oldest? Yeah pretty much everyone again, but we seek to hate Shirley not due to her righteousness, a constant victim state, or hiding her adultery to literally the kindest person to have graced the "Crazy Cranes". Our animosity is seeded in our resemblance of being. An ego that is always pushing to be better than the next. A feeling of disgust towards things others do while the whole time carefully hiding the same skeleton secretly secured in the closet of our closets


Take a good look at past actions and what we maybe hiding from the world before passing verdicts on others. We should ask ourselves "Where do my convictions go when I'm alone?"  Reminding ourselves that no one is innocent.


 A shroud of indifference falls on most as we watch our lost psychic super sleuth touch her way to the truth. Theo and the cursed gift is all those times we wish to stop feeling hurt and confused. Wishing to develop sociopathic tendencies in an attempt not to care so much. No matter how high she built the walls, her sensitivity grew stronger until in a flash with one last caress, she was left with a void and a mission to feel anything again.


Feelings suck (pun intended), but if we choose to try to touch everything with a clenched fist, the only sensation we'll have is the painful pressure of white knuckles.

 White Knight

Proudly admiring the intestinal fortitude of our favorite junkie superhero as he cope counts his way into a mugging. We either relate or sympathize with the promise of being better. The need that Luke had to not lose another friend to poison caused him to upheaval everything he works so hard for just to be smacked (pun also intended) with the reality of "If they don't want to be saved!"


Make sure when you don the cape, the people you are attempting to rescue want a savior and double check that your utility belt isn't still hung on something else.


Now, we have arrived at our final lesson to be learned and probably the most important. The amazing Eleanor Vance! There is no mistaking that she is the one we are all a spitting image of. We may want to deduce that it's because of our desperate cries for attention from loved ones or perhaps we're thinking about cotton candy and ponies. Sorry, if it's a pony, it's probably dead. The frightening realization that we are constantly haunted by an apparition of our own device. A world full of evil with sharp devouring teeth, but the true monster we need to fear and is asphyxiating our sanity is the one watching us brush our teeth every morning (which you should be doing to ward off the dragon).


Always push for your tea party, insist on your cup of stars, love so hard everything else is a melting snowflake, and people's attention is a lot like a rope, they will give you just enough to hang yourself with.


Notes From The Author

This piece was created with an individual perception and is in no way what Mike Flanagan may have intended for this masterpiece of the genre. A work of art because of its precise emotional connection with the characters it creates. Any good story leaves a sense of mystery and is subject to one's own interpretation. Take the time to watch it from start to finish and develop your own opinion. People can argue, but what you think and feel is not wrong, it's just different

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