My Reality, Your Creation

By  ChrisJen Kelley


Everyday I wake up, make coffee and pretend the dog doesn’t have to go out.

 I usually leave this chore to my wife since I battle the litter boxes. Today I actually consider letting the fucker out but better sense kicks in and I proceed to the coffee maker.  "Fuck it at least she can take the dog out"- I mumble. Once I have a drop of coffee in me, I then start the daunting task of getting ready for work. Shit, I dread having to work. It is a mindless cycle of inbound calls catering to that particular person's wishes.

This is pleasant as having bamboo shoved under my fingernails. I often wonder how these people wipe their own asses??? I am
pretty sure a sugar induced 4 year old would be more pleasant. I tread lightly on this subject since it is my livelihood so I can’t
bitch too much.

I did not create this reality, you did; everyone did but surely not me. There is no way I would have purposely created THIS for myself. I struggle daily trying to find my place in the world. I envy anyone who is so set in their convictions, their belief and style.

 They embrace it yet I refuse mine. I live between reality and the awareness of the matrix. I stare at people and think ‘ this is not real’......who created this?

 Them and Us by RakloRay

Artist: "Them and Us" by RakloRay

That’s the frustrating thing- no one knows. It must be them. Who is them? I look forward falling into my ignorant slumber. This is the place time does not exist and I can be anything, anywhere. Then I wonder, am I creating this dream world? or is it a program that is inserted to play out a subliminal message for me to act out in the daily routine called my life?

I am on verge of something. I feel the crack. Soon it will shatter.

Who is me? Who are you? Are you of someone of importance?

Does YOUR existence have any significance in my life?




Maybe, maybe not.

And the final question........Does it really matter?

Because in the end we are part of someone's reality and it doesn't matter WHO created the reality we are all stuck in it. Day to day we engage off of someone's fears, paranoia thus creating the world we live in.

Your life is not your own. It never was.....

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  • Gaelan Munson

    How do we know we aren’t in a ‘Matrix’ type of situation? I contemplate everyday about how there is so much out there that I’m missing out on and wish I could do something about it. I’m stuck in the proverbial rut…..

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